New Educational Approach to STEAM Jobs.


A project focused on Generation Z, aiming at raising awareness for choosing an industry-based occupation, highlighting the nowadays modern, digital and “intelligent” industry.

Project number / Grant Agreement 2021-1-PT01-KA220-SCH-000027935

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Shoes Your Life (SYL) project aims to attract Generation Z to choose a STEAM-based (Scientific Technology Engineering Arts & Maths) occupation.

The innovative approach of Shoes Your Life seeks to engage with educational institutions, teachers and students to implement a programme that highlights the nowadays modern, digital and intelligent industry.

The educational programme is intended as a guide to discovering the new reality of the industry through experimentation, team building, creation, development and use of digital technologies. SYL focuses on the footwear industry but aims to be a model for the entire industrial ecosystem.





Target groups

Generation Z students – students in schools between 12-15 but also possible for older groups
Teachers, as key mediators/facilitators of the learning process. Teachers as ambassadors of the i4.0 in schools
Industry – rejuvenate human capital

Main Goals

  • To reduce the school dropout by orienting the generation Z students to potential opportunities in STEAM-based jobs, in sectors embracing i4.0

  • To develop innovative skills for employability and entrepreneurship in this generation Z according to their potential and ambitions

  • To develop the motivation for the embracing of STEAM-based jobs in parallel with the rejuvenation of the traditional industries, stimulating the youngsters through immersive experiences in the i4.0, and activate the attraction for the industry in Europe


SYL “STEAM-based” Educational Package:
Toward generation Z students constituted by:
educational kits immersive app in virtual reality that will offer immersive experiences into an i4.0 smart industry shopfloor.
SYL Teacher’s Package:
Toward teachers comprehends: guide to apply the “STEAM-based” educational package
LTTA interchange between the teachers in Portugal
SYL Piloting and transference of "STEAM-based" package::
Consolidation of the project Interchange between the students Road Map (a piloting Plan)
3 international learning activity toward students in Portugal, Italy and Romania (C2, C3 and C4)
Pilot Report
Living document


Newsletter #1 - VR in Education
Newsletter #1 - VR in Education

2nd Meeting
2nd Meeting

Kick-off meeting: 20-21 january 2022
Kick-off meeting: 20-21 january 2022

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