Romanian students visiting Castiglione del Lago

Romanian students visiting Castiglione del Lago

From January 15 to 20, 2024, the last learning activity with students and teachers of the Erasmus + Cooperation projects in the field of school education, SYL- Shoes (Choose), Your life - A new educational approach to the STEAM job, no. project: 2021-1-PT01-KA220-SCH-000027935 is held at the Istituto Omnicomprensivo Rosselli-Rasetti, in Castiglione del Lago, Italy.

The training event is attended by 6 students and a teacher from our institution and 12 students from the host country, accompanied by 4 teachers.

Project SYL targets Generation Z and aims to raise awareness of choosing an industry-based occupation, highlighting today's modern, digital and 'smart' industry.

The opening of the activity began with the presentation of partner schools and participants, knowledge and cooperation games and a "treasure hunt" in the city center.

The project meeting is an opportunity for the participating teachers to have discussions related to the project life cycle, the finalization of the final products, especially the textbook, with classroom work methods, discussions about the Beneficiary Tool, the final report and especially about the methods used by the Italian team regarding the inclusion and diversity of Italian high school students.

Throughout the week, students and teachers will participate in a series of collaborative learning activities, such as STEAM and creativity-based workshops, classroom assistance, robotics and mechatronics workshops, the observation visit and research on the use of industrial technology at the chocolate factory in Perugia, cultural visits and open lessons, integrating digital, robotics and VR in the classroom.

The last training activity in the project has as its main objective the finalization of the manual of digital resources, created by students and teachers (presentations, animations, digital books, games) that demonstrate their STEM/STEAM skills, digital and improved communication skills.

Participating teachers and students will improve their language and digital skills, STEAM skills, civic skills, social skills by visiting and attending activities in the Italian education facility. The identified differences compared to the Romanian state educational system are: working with small groups of students, the rarefied curriculum, the running of some optional courses in the school in which abstract notions from the STEAM area are deepened, the use of numerous applications and educational platforms, the use of artificial intelligence and robotics, the use of English in class, as a language of communication for migrant students, the facilities offered by the school, through weekly themed trips, through the high school's collaborations with different institutions, etc.

The learning experience in the Italian space is recorded daily in the mobility diaries of students and teachers, and the whole experience is evaluated through the final evaluation questionnaires that our school unit is responsible for.

More information can be found on the project website at: