Multiplier Event in Romania

Multiplier Event in Romania

On February 16th, 2024, the second Multiplier event for Shoes Your Life (SYL) consortium project number 2021-1-PT01-KA220-SCH-000027935, funded by the European Commission, took place a Craiova, Romania.

This activity was attended by more than 25 people, and took place at the Euphoria evening room. 

The activities were organized by the Economic College "Gheorghe Chitu" Craiova, Romania. 
The SYL project targets Generation Z and aims to raise awareness of choosing an industry-based occupation, highlighting today's modern, digital and 'smart' industry. 

The goal of the project is sustainability by integrating STEAM education into the curriculum, in an interdisciplinary approach, through which students and teachers are concerned with exploring STEAM education.
The event aimed at disseminating and exploiting the Shoes Your Life results, as well as presenting all the potentialities of digitalization in the classroom.

As the project is at the end of its implementation period, this event was designed to share the work of the project team and the results achieved over the two years with the local community and stakeholders. Thus, we were honoured with the presence of representatives of economic agents, school principals and teachers, representatives of local NGOs interested.

In the first part of the event the main objective of the project was mentioned, the coordinator speaking equally about the priority of the project and the expected results. In addition, he presented to the participants all the other intellectual products produced, developing each product in turn, emphasising their innovative and creative aspects:
• SYL “STEAM-based” Educational Package: Toward generation Z students constituted by:
• educational kits immersive app in virtual reality that will offer immersive experiences into an i4.0 smart industry shopfloor;
• SYL Teacher’s Package: Toward teachers comprehends: guide to apply the “STEAM-based” educational package LTTA interchange between the teachers in Portugal; • SYL Piloting and transference of "STEAM-based" package: Consolidation of the project;
• Interchange between the students Road Map (a piloting Plan);
• 3 international learning activity toward students in Portugal, Italy and Romania (C2, C3 and C4); In the second part of the event there was a workshop with participants, students and teachers;
• "Experiencing immersive tutorials based on virtual reality and presentation of practical VR kits made in the project" where they could connect with the intellectual products obtained In the last part of the multiplication event there were open discussions on the scenarios with feedback and suggestions.

In the end the participants were introduced to the project website: Finally, the event featured a networking session, allowing participants to connect with education professionals, young people, industry experts, and other stakeholders.